Thursday, April 16, 2009


They say: “nothing stays the same”, “change is the only constant”, “All is flux; nothing stays still.”

And yet, why do the same things, the same people, the same situations repeat?
They move around me, randomly, in and out of my lap.
Movement is not change.

“Well, you must have not learned your lesson!”

Please. That lesson book has been stained with red ink, wrinkled pages, and slammed shut long ago. I’ve learned.

Trust me.

I’ve white-knuckled through the growing pains, already. I’ve shifted, acknowledged, amended, and changed.

So, why, this, again?


alex dumas said...

I hope you give your journal more detail. Wish we could discuss it over a bowl of Sharkey's chips & salsa. Nice to see you posting again.

must show up said...

me too! but Sharkey's is gone. i guess some things do change...