Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I’m growing obsessed with the law of attraction. Energy flows where attention goes. Definitely.

Funny how some truths don’t sink in until they’re packaged in a clown suit. I’ve known of it all along, under a different guise. I think, because I’m so close to it, I’m blinded. And whether I’m summoning the universe, or God, does it matter? As long as I’m wrapped up in gratitude, and awareness, and progression. and I ask.. and believe.. and receive.

And lately, I’m all about visualization. Because, for me, that’s been the missing piece. My worn out shoes from the spinning mouse wheel are proof. And so now I take time, I’m still, I’m open. Finally, in tune to what I want. What it is I really want when all external pressure and internal dialog is stripped away. And to see it so clearly, so intensely. There is power in the mind.

So my latest thing, among all of this, is to direct my attention, my energy, my intentions so that they are in alignment with what’s on my list. I believe that’s where miracles happen, and people, circumstances and situations start to shift in surprising directions. And the most important thing, for me, is to stay aware of them and especially… act on them.

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